Microsuction Stanmore – What You Should Know

Microsuction Stanmore – What You Should Know

If you are looking for microsuction ear wax removal in Stanmore, there are some things you should know before booking an appointment. Read on to find out more…

What Is Microsuction?

Micro suction is widely considered to be the safest way to get rid of ear wax from the ear canal. It works by using a medical suction unit attached to a fine, sterile probe to gently remove ear wax, while the Audiologist, Doctor or Nurse uses a microscope to see exactly what is going on inside your ear.

Important Information About Impacted Wax Removal

Removing deep impacted ear wax can be higher risk than when the ear wax is in the outer two thirds of the ear canal. This is why it is essential that you only attend a clinic which uses a convergent ENT microscope that gives the essential 3D sense of depth all the way up to the ear drum. Other clinics that use cheap loupes should be avoided at all costs.

What Happens In A Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Stanmore Appointment?

The microsuction practitioner will first discuss your recent history and how you feel your ear became blocked. They will then examine your ear and ensure that it is safe to proceed. Assuming it is safe to proceed, they will use microsuction or other methods to remove the ear wax safely from your ear

Are There Other Methods Of Ear Wax Removal Stanmore?

As well as offering micro suction ear wax removal stanmore, the clinic should also offer manual instrument ear wax removal stanmore. Manual instrument ear wax removal uses various surgical instruments, such as the cerumen hook and the alligator micro forceps, to gently and skillfully remove ear wax using the convergent ENT microscope. Using the proper microscope is essential in this case, because it is important to be able to see the ear drum, the wax, and the instrument in relation to each other.

Where Is The Best Place For Ear Wax Removal Stanmore?

There’s a great place for ear wax removal stanmore, that offers all the facilities and services I mentioned above. You can see how to get to ear wax removal stanmore on this map.

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